OWP27: Facebook Blues

Es gab mal wieder einige News, die sich so angesammelt haben. Daher also eine reine News-Folge. Es geht um OAuth 2.0, um die Twitter-Konferenz Chirp und natürlich auch um Datenschutz und Facebook!

Viel Spaß beim Hören:

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Verpasst: http://wiki.openid.net/2010-OpenID-Technology-Summit-West Twitter News

Facebook und Privacy

First, it’s important to underscore that this will be a test with a handful of carefully selected partners to provide express personalization on their sites. These partners will be pre-selected, reviewed, and bound by contracts with Facebook – much like other partners we have worked with in other contexts to deliver unique and innovative experiences. For example, we’re working with Yahoo! to integrate Facebook across their properties, AOL to integrate our chat with AIM, and we first partnered with CNN.com to make their broadcast of the Presidential Inauguration more social with the launch of the Facebook live streamapplication.

Quelle: Facebook Blog